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Why Choose 


Key Service Differentiators
  • Focused on ICT Security and related surroundings

  • International co-operation

  • Cumulative technical skills added with practical/user experience

  • Internationally certified professionals

  • Experienced in completing complex projects

  • End User partnership

Key Product Differentiators
  • High-end security technology

  • Compliance to international best practices and standards

  • “Battlefield” Proven

  • Regional Distributors

  • Technology partnership with selected principals

  • Scalable solutions (Small to Enterprise)

  • Extensive product range coverage

  • Value added services

  • Intranium will pursue and deliver the kind of leading-edge technologies that can truly transform a nature of successful business

  • Intranium delivers IT hardware, software and services across operations, security, products life cycle and service management to optimise the performance, reliability and efficiency of enterprise IT environments

  • Our solutions touch in the areas of corporate data communication management, from small and medium businesses transaction to corporate Internet banking and secure electronic commerce

  • We aspire to be the best in what we do best

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